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Psychological therapy

If you need assistance and wish a psychological counseling please contact me via phone or email.
Sessions can take place in my office (Linz) or online (Skype). For a 45-minute session you will be charged 100€.

Therapy for children

Therapy for children is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12 who may need psychological support. Maybe because a phase of their development is not going as it should. In the therapeutic process, work will be done on the development of the personality, on the ability to make their own choices, and to change the course of their difficulties.


Therapy for young adults

Youth therapy is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 17 who need psychological support due to a phase of their life that is very exhausting or challenging. In the therapeutic process we work together on possibilities that help the teenager to find his or her way and that he or she can better deal with the problems that lie ahead.


Therapy for adults

In adult therapy we can work on different issues that are troubling you or situations in your life that are not currently working the way you would like. Main themes:

  • Symptoms of depression, grief, anxiety, burn-out,

  • Psychological disorders,

  • Cognitive therapy for the elderly.

Among others.


Therapy for people with special needs

Because of my professional experiences I can help people with disabilities cope better psychologically with their condition, as well as offer therapy for people with intellectual disabilities. The needs of people with disabilities often go unnoticed and I am here to offer the best help I can.

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